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Homes in Grandshire are very desirable, given our excellent schools, paths, and walkability to the different regions of Powell. Potential residents and their Realtors should know that all owners of Grandshire lots are members of the nonprofit Grandshire Homeowners Association, subject to the Covenants and By-laws of the Grandshire subdivision.

Annual HOA dues are currently $275 per year, payable each January upon receipt of a mailed invoice. There is also a $75 transfer fee when a residence transfers ownership, payable to the HOA upon closing. 

A volunteer Grandshire HOA Board of Trustees works to maintain Grandshire as a desirable, beautiful and safe neighborhood. Homeowners elect their HOA Trustees each year at the HOA Annual Meeting. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance of the Commons Areas within the subdivision, and for the enforcement of our By-laws and Restrictive Covenants.  Property owners must abide by the current General Warranty Deed and Declaration of Subdivision Restrictive Covenants  which prospective buyers should review in advance of signing a purchase contract, in order to be informed of our Deed Restrictions, which include a prohibition against fencing of any kind, with the exception of temporary garden fencing in specified months, or as may be required by City Code.

Our neighborhood features multi-use trails under mature trees, and is within walking & bicycle riding distance to the downtown historic Powell district, and to the many restaurants and local craft breweries in the area.

Grandshire's homeowners have the advantage of the top-ranked Olentangy Local School District, and are serviced by the highly rated Powell Police Department and Liberty Township Fire Departments.

You'll love it here...

Grandshire HOA Board of Trustees